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me, myself and I

An enthusiastic and professional Practicing Artist, Graphic Designer and Web Designer with over 10 years experience of digital media. My main passion is life drawing; my style and subject matter diverse.

Gallery 1 offers a selection of my digital design - graphic design for print and web. Although very different arenas, the commonality arises from the production process.

Gallery 2 displays my artwork to date set out in two categories -
art & design and life drawing.

Living, working and travelling in S.E. Asia and New Zealand, I gained experience of cultural patterns and use them in my work.

I am currently on the MA Art Psychotherapy programme at the prestigious Goldsmiths College, London.


websites that I've worked on

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2010 Labour Campaign for Electoral Reform

updating current content looking towards rebranding and complete reworking of content and purpose - new site to be launched summer 2011

2011 Synapse workshop - Goldsmiths
information about the course, insertion into the navigational system and links to relevant pages in the site
2010 Mobb Ryder - official site
designed from scratch for an up and coming MC to advertise and sell music non-commercially
2008 Accident Compensation Corporation
separating content into geographical areas and to include a client area with downloadable documents
2007 Housing New Zealand Corporation
redesigned to be accessible under new legistlation and include an online learning platform
2004 International House Bangkok Content management of ih template to fit with franchise branding guidelines



MA Art Psychotherapy (currently)

Oxford Certificate of Web Design

Digital Photography using Photoshop

Advanced Life Drawing certificate

BA (Hons) Visual Arts & Philosophy

BTEC National Diploma
.....Art Foundation in Graphic Design

.... Art
.... English Literature
.... Media Studies

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